How to Fix Call Recording Problems in Oppo

Here you can get best solutions for all call recordings problems in Oppo android mobile.

Only some mobile devices and carriers support call recordings. Some laws require all people on the call give permission to being recorded. Before the call begins, call participants are notified that the call is recorded.

Android Call Recording Requirements

  • Your mobile device must run Android 9 and up.
  • Your mobile must have the latest version of the Phone app.
  • You must be in a country where call recording is supported. Call recording feature is widely available, but not in all countries or regions. Features vary based on your country or region.
    • In some countries you can directly see option after you accept call.
    • In some countries this option disabled by default, you can not bypass it by third party apps.
    • In some countries this option disabled by default, but you can bypass it by third party apps.
  • You can’t record a call, Until the call is answered OR If the call’s on hold OR When you create a conference call.

Why Call Recording Not Working?

Enable Call recorder

In Android 11, go to Accessibility settings and turn on the Call recorder option. After turning on , you can install any third party app to record calls.

Restart Device

restarting may fix minor issues on your mobile, so restart your device to fix this issue.

Install all pending updates

Some pending updates may interface with your mobile. So install all pending updates.

Go to Play store app -> Profile Picture -> My apps and Games -> Update all.

Clear the phone App cache

  • First, go to settings.
  • Then, open apps and all apps.
  • Now, open call recorder default app and click on storage.
  • Finally, click on Clear Cache button.

And also delete junk files by using third party apps or go to settings and storage option. Then restart the mobile.

Use Third Party Recording Apps

You can use some third party apps to record calls on your mobiles. These apps may have auto call recording feature.

How to Turn on Automatic Call Recording

This feature only available in some devices.

  • First, go to settings.
  • Then open call recording.
  • Under always record option, you can see 2 options.
    • Numbers not in your contacts
    • Always record selected numbers
  • Now, select required option and hit always record button.

How to Find a recorded call

  • First, go to File Manager.
  • Then. select audio option
  • After that, click on call.
  • Now. you can see call recordings.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why my phone is not recording calls?

You can’t record a call, Until the call is answered OR If the call’s on hold OR When you create a conference call OR your mobile have below android 9 version OR you are in call recording restricted country.

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