How To Hard Reset Vivo iQOO 11 Pro

Here you can learn how to hard reset Vivo iQOO 11 Pro android mobile. You can unlock your mobile when you forget your mobile password with these methods.

Some reset methods deletes all your mobile data. So read carefully before reset your mobile.

What is Hard Reset?

A Hard reset is a software restore of an electronic device to its original system state by erasing all previously stored data on the device.

Here is the detailed guide about Hard Reset

If you have any other problems check out this page Vivo iQOO 11 Pro Troubleshooting

Hard Reset Vivo iQOO 11 Pro with Recovery Mode

You can hard reset your Vivo iQOO 11 Pro mobile with recovery mode without any software or tools.

This Hard reset method will delete

  • Photos, videos
  • Contacts
  • Installed apps and settings etc.

The following tutorial shows all the steps of master reset Vivo iQOO 11 Pro.

Step 1: At the start, use the Power button to disable the VIVO iQOO 11 Pro.

Step 2: Then press and keep the Power button + the Volume Up at the same time.

Step 3: After a while, the Fast boot mode activates.

Step 4: As the fourth step, pick Recovery Mode. To do it use Volume keys to move and Power button to finish.

Step 5: Fifthly, use the Clear Data option and Clear all data. Tap on the screen to select the option.

Step 6: Finally, pick OK and enter your password if you have it. Your phone will be wiped.

Step 7: Then pick the Recovery Menu, by the Return button.

Step 8: Choose the Restart option to reboot your phone.

Step 9: Successfully completed reset your mobile.

Hard Reset Remotely with Google Find My Device

If you lose your Android device, you can easily find your device if you turn on the Google Find My Device option.

To lock erase or Reset an Android device remotely, make sure that mobile:

  • Has power on
  • Is connected to mobile data or WiFi
  • Is signed in to your Google (Gmail) Account
  • Has Find My Device turned on
  • Is visible on Google Play

Note: If your mobile is off or is not connected to mobile data or WiFi, you may still find its most recent location if you’ve enabled the Store recent location option.

Steps to Erase Device Remotely:

  • Take another mobile or Computer and on a browser, go to
  • Sign in with your Google account which is used in your lost mobile.
  • The lost device gets a notification.
  • Now, You can see your device location (The location is approximate and may not be accurate).
  • If you get a prompt on the screen, tap Enable lock & erase.
  • Now you can see three options on the screen. 1. Play sound, 2. Secure device, 3. Erase device.
  • Select what you want to do.
  • Use the erase device option to reset your mobile.

Here is the detailed information about Google Find My Device.

Hard Reset with third-party software

If the above method not working, you can use some third-party apps to reset or unlock your device.

Here we are providing the best software to Reset and unlock your Android mobile.

Check out this link for Best Software’s for Android Mobile Hard Reset.

Additional Information

Locked Device: If your Vivo iQOO 11 Pro is locked and you’ve forgotten the unlock pattern, PIN, or password, a hard reset can help you regain access to the device. However, keep in mind that all data will be erased, including any lock screen security settings.

Software Issues: If your device is experiencing frequent crashes, freezes, or other software-related problems, a hard reset can often resolve these issues by clearing out any corrupt data or settings.

Data Erasure: It’s important to note that performing a hard reset will erase all data stored on your device’s internal storage, including apps, contacts, messages, photos, videos, and any other personal files. Be sure to back up any important data before proceeding.

Google Account Protection: After a hard reset, your Vivo iQOO 11 Pro will prompt you to sign in with the Google account that was previously synced to the device. This is a security feature designed to prevent unauthorized access to the device after it has been reset.

Factory Settings: Once the hard reset is complete, your Vivo iQOO 11 Pro will be restored to its original factory settings, just like it was when you first purchased it. You’ll need to go through the initial setup process again, including configuring language preferences, Wi-Fi settings, and more.

Hardware Key Combination: The key combination to enter Recovery Mode and initiate the hard reset process may vary slightly depending on the device model. Always refer to the specific instructions for your Vivo iQOO 11 Pro to ensure you perform the reset correctly.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I put my Vivo iQOO 11 Pro in recovery mode?

Press the Power key to turn off the mobile. Then hold the Volume Down and Power buttons for a couple of seconds. Let go of the Power key when the Vivo logo shows up. From the appearing languages list, click on the English position, and the Recovery menu will be on the screen then.

2. Does hard reset delete everything Xiaomi?

Yes, performing a hard reset on a Xiaomi device, like other Android smartphones, will erase all data stored on the device’s internal storage. This includes apps, contacts, messages, photos, videos, and any other personal files. A hard reset essentially restores the device to its original factory settings, as if it were brand new out of the box. It clears out all user-installed apps and settings, returning the device to its default configuration.

3. Is hard reset safe?

Performing a hard reset, when done correctly, is generally safe and can be a useful troubleshooting step for resolving various software issues on your device. However, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind: Data Loss, System Stability, Security Precautions, Risk of Bricking.


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